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Institutional clients such as municipal funds, pension and profit sharing plans, foundations, and endowments look to Bowen, Hanes to manage their assets in a comprehensive manner to meet a variety of objectives. A detailed analysis of an institutional client's goals leads us to construct an asset allocation model designed to achieve those results. This can range from a balanced approach with an emphasis on both stocks and bonds to an all equity approach with the exclusive focus being on stocks. The level of cash reserves maintained is based on our investment outlook, which flows from our top down approach.

“Our many years of experience enable us to evaluate and act upon extensive information. Taking all factors into consideration, we rely on our own judgment and form our own conclusions.”

Harold J. Bowen Jr. 


Individuals and family groups appreciate the long-term, compounding power of money and look to Bowen, Hanes to perpetuate and grow their assets in a manner consistent with their particular objectives. A comprehensive review of a variety of factors is used to determine what we feel is the proper asset allocation between stocks, bonds, and cash. It is important to note that no pooled vehicles such as mutual funds or partnerships are used when managing individual relationships. Each account is individually structured and scrutinized by a portfolio manager who works closely with the chief investment officer of the firm.

“Business, in our opinion, should be awarded to us because of our demonstrated investment skills and reputation, not as a result of aggressive marketing effort."

F. Borden Hanes, Jr. 

Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer Jim Stewart highlights Bowen, Hanes & Co., Inc. on CNBC. 
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